Daily Archives: February 24, 2008


Jenn had this meme and kindly did not tag, so I thought I’d play along. 

 7 Random Things About Me…

1)  I love cleanliness and order, but I am terrible at making it happen. 
2)  I’m a PK.  You’ll have to guess which kind! 
3)  I find myself more and more in love with my husband as the years go by…not in a mushy way, but in a really comfortable, safe, respectful-of-one-another kind of love.  I’m not sure why I am so very blessed in this way, because my parents had 22 rather unhappy years of marriage.  Suffice to say, the good example to follow was just not there for me.
4)  I don’t like shopping.  Most women will not understand this, but I am terrible at it!  (Groceries are the exception to this rule.)
5)  I no longer have the uncontrollable urge to hold babies, but I do miss –at times– pregnancy and breastfeeding, that exquisite closeness to other life totally dependent upon oneself.  I look forward to being a grandmother.
6)  I’d rather wear denim leggings, a T-shirt, and sneakers than dress up. 
7)  I have a lot of wonderful supplies for scrapbooking and stamping, but I am truly craft-impaired.  I need others to craft with in order to bring out my creativity. 

7 Random things about “he”…

1)  He had me convinced for the first 14 years of marriage that he was a “type B” personality.  Then he went to graduate school and turned into a “type A.”  Luckily, this is normally only his work persona; I usually experience the “B” side. 
2)  He is an introvert.   Being around other people takes a lot of energy, so we mostly stay at home.  When we do go to a get-together, he “pre-functions” with Tylenol. 
3)  His family comes first.  If he can, he will take a day off from work to go to a boy’s awards ceremony.  This means that he will not be climbing any farther up the military rank ladder, because to do so, you have to sacrifice your family time. 
4)  He wants to retire and simply “putter.”  Unlike many people, I believe he can actually succeed at this without going crazy!  (Whether or not I can handle it is another matter…) 
5)  Once he gets to know people, his dry sense of humor catches them off-guard.  Despite his introvertedness, there are people who would like to spend time with us as a couple because he is so funny!  (Notice, I am not the draw here…)
6)  Carpentry may or may not be one of his Skillz  H-J’s desk looks pretty awful, but my new chaise-lounge porch swing is da bomb
7)  He truly is a SuperDad.