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A different kind of food for thought

I am so far behind in seeing good movies that I’ll never catch up!   

Our church is doing a Lenten Film Series on the theme of Forgiveness, and we’ve seen some awesome films.   A group of us get together on Sunday evening and watch one film (the series was chosen in advance) and then have a short discussion and take home a paper with food for thought.
All of them are mainstream movies, with much food for thought on forgiveness, acceptance, responsibility, sacrifice, and repentence.
The series began with:

“The Trip to Bountiful” The Trip To Bountiful
Although I missed seeing this film with the group, I had actually seen it before (unlike any of the other films in the series)

“Butterfly”   (1999, a Spanish film with English subtitles…this one does have one sex scene that we skipped over to not offend anyone there)

 ButterflyLife Is Beautiful

**After seeing “Butterfly” I went home and watched “Life is Beautiful”…not part of the film series, but I enjoyed it just the same**     Two subtitled WWII-era films in one evening was a bit overwhelming.

 “Cry, the Beloved Country” (I’d read the very excellent book by Alan Paton, and James Earl Jones is awesome in this 1995 film!)
 Cry, The Beloved Country DVD Movie

Last night’s film was incredible.  It did well at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival (won an audience award, whatever that means) but later was criticized for being too much like a mini-series.  Please consider watching this one; the 2 primary actors are supurb in “The Spitfire Grill”
The Spitfire Grill

Next week’s film: “Dead Man Walking”
Dead Man Walking

And the final film (one which I shall miss, as I will be away on holiday) is “Enchanted April”
Enchanted April (1991)