Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

WWC: Stone, Glass

I was so excited to take this assignment on the road, literally!  I waited for a beautiful day and then drove to an historic old town. 

On the way…

old stone barn
old stone barn from a distance (above) and up close (below)

I walked along and noticed this glass by the side of the road:


In town…

Above and below, glass windows in an old wooden-and-stone church:



 Stone house, red door
Two different Stone houses (above and below)
Stone house on main street



A stone church called Harmony with stained glass windows and stones marking final resting places:
Harmony church graveyard



A Stone Wall
Stone Wall


And because I am feeling quirky, you get an older photo from another place and time… 

Stonewall Jackson
A statue of Stonewall Jackson