WWC: Stone, Glass

I was so excited to take this assignment on the road, literally!  I waited for a beautiful day and then drove to an historic old town. 

On the way…

old stone barn
old stone barn from a distance (above) and up close (below)

I walked along and noticed this glass by the side of the road:


In town…

Above and below, glass windows in an old wooden-and-stone church:



 Stone house, red door
Two different Stone houses (above and below)
Stone house on main street



A stone church called Harmony with stained glass windows and stones marking final resting places:
Harmony church graveyard



A Stone Wall
Stone Wall


And because I am feeling quirky, you get an older photo from another place and time… 

Stonewall Jackson
A statue of Stonewall Jackson


11 responses to “WWC: Stone, Glass

  1. OOo I wanted to do that, except all I had were statues of Lee. :/

    Excellent pictures!!! well played.

  2. what beautiful photos … you live in a very pretty part of the world!

  3. WOW! What a fun photo trip. I loved them all.. it looked like a beautiful day. The glass on the ground looks like one of those glass cover things (transistor cover?) that are up on really old power line poles. Anyway, beautiful pictures!

  4. All good pictures, but in general I like the ones you happened upon on your way to town best.
    But my favorite is the wavy glass reflection in the church window. I love that photo!

  5. Amy, I think that is exactly what that glass thingy is. It was below some old power lines. (Well, the whole area is old, evidenced by the stone buildings.)

  6. don’t yah just love the stone houses!? Nice pics!

  7. Those houses are stunning.

  8. Wow, you obviously live in the East. We don’t have really cool old stone buildings here in Western Canada. Yes, the broken glass on the ground is called a transformer, they are quite rare nowadays, but there is a stretch along one of the hwys in Southern Alberta that still uses them, in all the different colours.

    Great photographs, love the statue of Jackson, wonderful play on words and take on the WWC!

  9. Oooo. I love that red door and the frilly-curtained window. Great shots. Although you might want to load them in a small size so people can’t steal them.

  10. Love the stone barn, and the stone church.

    Those old windows are really cool too!

  11. Your pictures are wonderful – you live amidst our history in a way we in the west cannot, and your photos captured this blessing vividly. I miss that sense of history, having lived years in Washington D.C. (Arlington, Virginia, actually). All of your pictures are beautiful, but for some reason, the one that struck me most is the reflection of a building in the wavy glass of another building’s old windows. It’s like looking into a mirror of our country’s past, somehow. And… it cracked me up that you had the same idea I did at the end – but Stonewall Jackson beats Sharon Stone by MILES!