stupid me

so sleepy this morning
why oh why did i stay up reading a book start to finish
my head hurts my body aches in this long day ahead

I am so sleepy
Why did I read all night long?
Now I pay the price

No matter what style, ee cummings or Haiku, the title remains the same…

4 responses to “stupid me

  1. I can sympathise with this one. I can never seem to convince my night time self that stopping reading to make tomorrow’s work more bearable is a wise trade off.

    So far I’ve come up with: if I stop reading sooner my book will last longer *and* I won’t be tired, which works better.

  2. Sucks to be you.

    I hope you make the best of it (or get a nap). Have a good nights sleep tonight.

  3. My all night reading sessions are long past; I definitely NEED sleep.

  4. Exhausted! the thing is, with the time change everybody is messed up too: I hear that the number of auto accidents spikes when we do this spring ahead….hope your book was worth it!