Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

WWC: Ceramic, Paper

The Weekly Words Challenge (compliments of Tink at Pickled Beef) was to photograph and/or photographically interpret CERAMIC and PAPER. 
I’m trying out some different settings on my camera, hoping to find a happy balance between fitting “enough” photos on my memory card and getting quality photographs.  Also, I had a bit of trouble getting motivated–perhaps because I am so tired today–so this is the best I could manage:

(above)  CERAMIC decorations out for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter
(below) CERAMIC cross in Polish Pottery
Polish Pottery Cross

I have a love/hate relationship with my CERAMIC cooktop.  

Ivy Wallpaper
(above)  Ivy WallPAPER
(below) simple PAPER cards
Anniversary cards
Yes, we are cheap thrifty.  No, you do not get to read the original from-the-heart messages on the inside.  Yes, we put Hallmark to shame.