Daily Archives: March 12, 2008

Addictive Personality

I truly enjoy getting to know each of you by reading your current postings, and occasionally your older posts as well.   Some of you have become friends that I like “speaking” with on a daily basis…or as often as you post something new!  On those inevitable gray days of winter, you have brought smiles to my face, along with the occasional chuckle, snort, LOL and even a few FOTCL (Fall Off The Chair Laughing). 

Back when I first started lurking, I spent 2 whole days reading ALL of Susie’s posts …and there were nearly 3 years worth of those wonderful gems!  I still consider it time well spent. 

There are days when I have spent most of my time in front of the computer — and no, I’m not being paid for it! — meeting new people, stretching my mind and practicing tolerance and compassion. 

Of course, I can’t do that every day, and I don’t.  Really.  But I am finding that my hobbies have been set aside (with one delightful exception — thank you, Tink, for rekindling my love of photography!), my housework neglected, my gym membership unused.

So I think it is time for a little break.

I’ll still check in occasionally, especially with a few folks of whom I’ve become particularly fond, but I need to take a couple of weeks to focus on making my house a HOME and bring some balance back into my life.  Moderation in everything, including moderation.