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WWC #28: Junk and Treasure (or is it treasured junk?)

I’m a mom, and if I bought my kids happy meals at McD’s, I’d have a whole lotta JUNK to photograph.  But I don’t buy happy meals.  I buy them double cheeseburgers off the dollar menu.  When I have to.  Mostly, I brainwash them to believe that McD’s is at the bottom of the Hamburger Hierarchy.

Side note:  Last week we went through the BK drive-thru and ordered 12 Whopper, Jr.’s; however, I did not take a picture of our junk food, so you will be spared from THAT today… at least here in my little world…

But on to this week’s challenge…

Pssst…wanna buy a sink?
When we moved into our current house, we found a bathtub and a sink in the basement storage room.  This room was supposedly roughed-in for a bath.  Apparently, some people have different ideas about what “roughed-in” means, so we don’t have a basement bathroom yet.  The sink is too big for our purposes, and 8 months later I’m STILL trying to get rid of it.  (pssssst….wanna free sink?)
One woman’s junk is another’s treasure ….I hope!

Star Wars Clubhouse
SnakeMaster knows how to make TREASURE from JUNK!

World of Testosterone 
Five of my greatest treasures

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WWC #27: Domestic and Foreign

 German clock
I know I’m a week late, but I can’t help myself; I’ve just got to play along! 
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 This week  Last week the words were DOMESTIC and FOREIGN. 
What I should be putting to use right now…because you know I’m oh-so-domestic! *snort*

I drive a foreign car.  A rather dirty foreign car. 

As proof that I am rather normal (if not unique, at least I can be normal, right?), the first ideas that floated to the surface of my subconcious were cars & beer.  Not together, of course!  Never together.    Unless you’re having the O’Doul’s. 

Oh, And that chocolate lager?  MINE!  Superdad gets the Guinness.  Anyone want a BeWe