WWC #27: Domestic and Foreign

 German clock
I know I’m a week late, but I can’t help myself; I’ve just got to play along! 
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 This week  Last week the words were DOMESTIC and FOREIGN. 
What I should be putting to use right now…because you know I’m oh-so-domestic! *snort*

I drive a foreign car.  A rather dirty foreign car. 

As proof that I am rather normal (if not unique, at least I can be normal, right?), the first ideas that floated to the surface of my subconcious were cars & beer.  Not together, of course!  Never together.    Unless you’re having the O’Doul’s. 

Oh, And that chocolate lager?  MINE!  Superdad gets the Guinness.  Anyone want a BeWe


2 responses to “WWC #27: Domestic and Foreign

  1. What a cool clock! Do the figures at the top chase each other around?

  2. They do indeed! And the wood-chopper chops wood, but I usually miss that action. It’s authentic, we bought it in that foreign country. Even after 12 years, I still love it.