Family Blessing

News Flash:  I love the cast of characters that I call my family.    
Okay, so that is probably not a surprise, but I think it is newsworthy.  So many families must “reconfigure” – sometimes multiple times – due to not being able to get along.  For whatever reason,  we are not a normal typical family.  SuperDad is the breadwinner; I’m the breadmaker.  We’ve been married for 20 years, and we still like each other!  And we are managing to feed, clothe, and raise 4 young pups men on a single salary. 
Kennel-up, boys!
Kennel up, boys!

But I’m also talking about extended family (granted, it is easier to love some folks from afar). 
While my side of the family tree attempts to put the fun back into dysfunctional (my apologies to Jenn); SuperDad’s side of the tree is pretty much just FUN. 

As of 1:15AM this morning, we’ve increased the numbers around our dinner table to 10!
Yep, we have the blessing of 4 visiting family members who come from far away…
Easter 2007
Of course, they don’t really come from Veggie Town, and only 4 of them are currently visiting… not the whole kit-and-kaboodle!  But we are so happy they are here! 


3 responses to “Family Blessing

  1. We do have so much in common. 4 kids, 1 husband, 1 job (pretty much). It’s a nice life, isn’t it?

  2. Where, oh were are my manners?! Thanks so much for the bloggy love!

  3. Ummm…does this mean I should apologize for absent-mindedly stealing your “cast of characters” title?
    Perhaps you could just think of it as a compliment? 😉
    And yes, it is a Wonderful Life!