Earth Hour 2008

I saw this article which raised the question of, “Did it matter?” 

Personally, we did not participate last night.  It wasn’t because we didn’t think it mattered; it was because we are in the middle of March Madness and 6 out of 10 people in my house were glued to the TV watching basketball!  However, I think I want to start a weekly Earth Hour in our house.  I’ll have to figure out a good night to do this…perhaps on Sunday evenings (after MM is over, of course!) which will give us a nice quiet hour together by candlelight to discuss and prepare for the week ahead. 

So, did you participate?  Do you think it mattered?  Let me know what you think!


4 responses to “Earth Hour 2008

  1. We were able to participate because everyone but hubby and me were out somewhere else. It was nice to turn off the t.v. and computer, and read with just a light.

  2. We didn’t… I kinda forgot…. But the TV wasn’t on and there was only light on in the room where we both were sitting. (Can you see my red face…)

    I do think it matters though – at least in the sense that it may make people think more about conserving energy. Or like you ‘re thinking of doing – having your own Earth Hour in your family. That sounds like a wonderful idea in a busy family – and not for the energy you’ll conserve.

  3. We participated. Then we walked around the neighborhood to see if anyone else had… Yeah, no else did. So it ended up feeling rather pointless. But it was fun nonetheless.

  4. I participated. I ended up going to sleep early because I wake up so early. It was the best night’s rest I’ve had in ages. I do think it is important though. I always hope that people be more mindful of the impact of their actions and how a small change in one’s habit can make a big difference.