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WWC#32: Water and One (and a food fight!)

This week’s challenge had me stumped for a while.  Yesterday, however, the fog lifted and before my eyes was the answer to my dilemma.  Oh, it’s not that WATER is such a difficult subject, but I’d been submitting water-oriented photographs for quite a few weeks now!  (Granted, this is my own fault.) 

Water, water everywhere…including on my minivan

{Does the Midas touch mean you can’t drink water?}

On Sunday afternoon, we were blessed with a few hours of let-up from the rain we so desperately need here.  God must have been smiling as ONE awesome mom granted her son’s birthday wish to have a food fight birthday party! 

ONE happy birthday boy (friend of Snake Master)

ONE line of eager boys

ONE plate of ammunition

ONE zombie  
[for some reason, I thought of you, Tink!

and ONE happy party guest, the infamous Snake Master (in a formerly black t-shirt)


For more information on the Weekly Words Challenge, click here. 
Tink has posted next week’s words:  THREE and FIRE.  C’mon back next Tuesday to see how I picture those words!  [of course, you are welcome to stop by before then…I might have something else to blog about!]



Humorous-Juniorous recently took a semester of Art.  This is the kid who prefers to read, or play video games, or design stages for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  So I was happy when the school automatically signed him up for Art, and I was even happier after I met the teacher!  She is creative and, well, everything I would expect a Middle School art teacher to be.  (Sadly, she no longer teaches summer courses, or I would have totally signed up!)

During the semester, small projects would come home.   A watercolor pencil still life.  An exercise in light and dark, or shadows.  But the BIG KAHUNA was nowhere to be seen. 
Last week, however, H-J brought a large bundle home from school.  I carefully unwrapped the layers upon layers of brown paper to discover…
Check out those chestnut strands of hair!

[hey, Gary!  Any tips on adding glaze to the face?  The rest was glazed, but he ran out of time on the face.]

Earth Day Birthday

Happy 17th BirthdayHappy 17th birthday, Music Man!  I’m proud to be your mom. 🙂

WWC#31: Five and Wind

These are my happy toes 🙂
Last I checked, there were one, two, three, four, five….
Yep, 5 of ’em! 
I’m especially fond of this picture because I took it on a camping trip to the beach with my “sister from another mother.” 
Sadly, I moved away.  :*(     I sure do miss her. 

Happily, these five wonderful guys live with me and we all moved together. 
If I can’t have my SFAM, at least I do have my menfolk!   


I took this photo of SuperDad and our 2 oldest sons on a windy ferry ride on Puget Sound in Washington State, minutes before the staff made everyone leave the decks, because the wind and waves were doing this:

and this:

and much more impressive action that I didn’t manage to capture on film.

Weekly Words Challenge is brought to you by Tink of Hoop-happy and spiffy new haircut fame. 🙂

Lookie! A Friday Surprise

Look what was on my doorstep this afternoon:
It\'s from Gary at Potter\'s Blog!
It’s from Gary at Potter’s Blog!  
He makes beautiful and interesting and quirky pottery. 
If you haven’t met him and seen his creations, go check him out! 

Wanna see what was inside the box? 
Awesome bunny bowl
Why, look, it’s my awesome new bunny bowl! 🙂
Isn’t that just gorgeous glazing?
Close-up of the inside of bunny bowl

I also ordered this:
Isn\'t it cute?
My new piggy corker!  (Gary calls it a wine bottle stopper.) 
It makes me smile, because you don’t NEED a piggy corker if you’ve been a piggy with the wine.  Using it will be like a reward for only having one glassful.  😉

But, look!  There was also a SURPRISE GIFT in the box:
A surprise was included
Oh, WOW!!  A beautiful new coffee cup!  Thank you, Gary!!

Now I have to hurry up and prepare for our evening guests.  We are having some friends over for an evening of munchies and games.  Apples to Apples, anyone?  🙂


Cat Blogging

I have to give a big shout-out to Mrs. G. at Derwad Manor.

Her post today includes a cat-and-engineer youtube video that is the Cat’s Pajamas! 

Go check it out! 

What, you’re still here?!?  Go ahead, go for a visit.  You can always come back and tell me you loved it.  🙂

Dress Code

Contrary to what others might say, THIS is not the dress code
for croquet, at least not in Kcinnova’s World…
even if it is Christmas Day!  

However, you are welcome to dress like this:

or this:

or even like this! 

We’re rather casual and laid-back. 
That\'s how we roll
Because that’s how we roll.

 So Gary can relax when he comes to visit and play wiffle ball and croquet!  🙂 

WWC#30: Close-up and Background

up-close and personalIt’s WWC time once again.  What would I do without Tink to give me something to overachieve win awards post about every Tuesday?  


Choosing a background was easy:
There is so much to pay attention to in this background photo that I found it difficult to choose the close-up shot.  So I’ll make you do the work give you several options:

Tree in Springtime
This tree with the pale pink blossoms was so pretty that
I made it my desktop background. 
The tree belongs to a neighbor, but the photo is all mine.  🙂

daffodil close-up
The daffodils that were in the right-hand side of the background
picture are nearing the end of their peak.

SuperDad is building SnakeMaster a spy platform
(our tree house compromise)

This is SuperDad’s platform that he is using to build
the spy platform.

Upon closer inspection…Which ladder would you want to stand on?   Does this look safe to you?
                                               Does this look stable to you?


Spring Break

We interrupt your daily routine to bring you 

Family Guys in front of Bodie Island Lighthouse
Family Guy with the Bodie Boys

We spent a couple of COLD days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

It was a long drive, so we may not ever get back there again, but I’m glad we went.  As misplaced PNW-ers, it was a blessing to see the ocean again even though it was the wrong one.  OBX in the late winter/early spring was refreshingly tourist-free… 

…except for us, of course!

So who guessed where we went? 
Well, Jenn guessed Cape Cod (pretty good, you had the correct side of the country)
and Gary –with his astounding powers of observation– noticed we went to the beach! 

Brag bag

I’m so proud, so honored, so sporked!!  Tink gave me an award! 
It’s off on the side below my flickr pics.
Go ahead, peek at how nerdy I am! *grin*