WWC#29: Shiny & Era

Snow Angel
The shiny seat of a Snow Angel, in the era of snow known as Winter

WWI-era bunker
Peeking inside a WWI-era bunker

And previously mentioned but never-before seen:
shiny chain

Above, you see the shiny chain on the uber-awesomeness that is my new chaise lounge porch swing, custom-built by SuperDad out of recycled wood (the chain is new)


I hope Tink doesn’t decide on “blue” for next week, because I’d just have to resubmit 2/3 of this entry! 
Go see her for Easter Egg Hunt danger & sporks, and for information on the Weekly Words Challenge.


12 responses to “WWC#29: Shiny & Era

  1. That is one ROCKING porch swing!!!!!

  2. Excellent pictures, but that porch swing is WAY cool. An excellent idea as agreed upon by my office mates.

  3. Aw, the angel is wearing a snow hat.

    I want that swing. The shade of blue is AWESOME.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. LOVE the blue swing. If you ever want to re-recycle it … I’m available.

  5. Love the first one with the angel – awesome! Very nice job on all the WWC pics.

  6. Great pictures… the bunker shot is really cool and a little eerie and frightening at the same time.

    Well played!

  7. Great pictures, I need to make a chaise back support for my swing now!

  8. What a great chaise. Great pics as usual.

  9. I love the bench shot. That blue is really captured by teh lense and the colour is deep and inviting.

  10. I too love the porch swing! I would be out on that swing every evening (well, maybe not in the winter) sipping on some tea/coke/beer/tequila/wine or whatever and just hanging out.

    Great job on the words this week!

  11. Your pictures are beautiful, as usual! And thanks so much for sending birthday wishes to The Wiz – he loved it!

  12. that porch swing is heavenly.