An April Fool’s Day WWC Challenge

 This week’s WWC had a rough start, thanks to Tink’s monkeyshine.  She had an air of espieglerie about her last Tuesday and kept us wondering for quite a while before she smoothed things out. 
I couldn’t find a definition for that e-word [, you have failed me!] but Gary helped us all out, and Tink clarified the rest… 

 gr said:  espig(whatever): roguish and frolicsome!

 said:  Espieglerie also means “mischievous trick”. Monkeyshine means, “prank”. 😉

 And now that we are all educated and enlightened, here are my interpretations:

tree bark



SMOOTH is the egg that the Easter Bunny (AKA, SuperDad) hid in the tree (found here by my oldest son)

And finally, I thought this photograph summed all 4 words up nicely:
breaking waves
The smooth wet sand, the playfulness (and sometimes downright espieglerie) of the water, each juxtaposed with the rusty roughness of the failing barrier. 

Any guesses where the family went on Spring Break? 

15 responses to “An April Fool’s Day WWC Challenge

  1. I’m impressed you tackled all the words. Cape Cod?

  2. i love that bark pic, and i LOVE that last one w/the waves / rust / sand! gorgeous!

  3. Those are fantastic. Great job on the words. All 4 of them!!!!!

  4. You went to the beach!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
    I gotta add your excellent blog to my ‘usual suspects’ list….

  5. Gary, I feel honored, even if I am considered a suspect *grin*

  6. Very well done! I didn’t even think of attempting all four!!

  7. LOVE that tree bark pic! good job!

  8. Wow. Well done!! My favorite is the Monkeyshine picture though. Totally something I would have done.

  9. Wow, great shots … the ocean always calls to me and I’m so jealous that you (apparently) live close enough to visit!

    It was fun doing all four words, no?

  10. I used Spring Break pictures this week too, gotta love the two for ones! I love the beach shot, great use of all 4 words together!

  11. Great bark photo and the last beach shot is awesome. Well done.

  12. Well done! Well done indeed. 🙂 You certainly have a knack for this 🙂

    I enjoy the beach too. I had to laugh at the finger in the nose, my kids would do that too. 🙂

  13. Great pictures! And, you even got the espieglerie and monkeyshine in there! I am impressed!

    Well played!

  14. Absolutely wonderful photos and interpretations… I started to do the April Fool thing, but I just didn’t get ’round to it! 🙂

  15. That is some good egg hiding, Dad.