Spring Break

We interrupt your daily routine to bring you 

Family Guys in front of Bodie Island Lighthouse
Family Guy with the Bodie Boys

We spent a couple of COLD days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

It was a long drive, so we may not ever get back there again, but I’m glad we went.  As misplaced PNW-ers, it was a blessing to see the ocean again even though it was the wrong one.  OBX in the late winter/early spring was refreshingly tourist-free… 

…except for us, of course!

So who guessed where we went? 
Well, Jenn guessed Cape Cod (pretty good, you had the correct side of the country)
and Gary –with his astounding powers of observation– noticed we went to the beach! 

4 responses to “Spring Break

  1. And my answer had the word “Cape” in it!

  2. Good point… I missed that somehow! Brownie points for you!! (or maybe just brownies? mmmmmm….brownies…..)

  3. didn’t I also say somethng like ‘yay!’?

    I can’t believe how pretty those light houses are!

    (and in other news: yes, I make plates but not often, and thanks for the nice comments!)

  4. Now that looks like some good times!