WWC#30: Close-up and Background

up-close and personalIt’s WWC time once again.  What would I do without Tink to give me something to overachieve win awards post about every Tuesday?  


Choosing a background was easy:
There is so much to pay attention to in this background photo that I found it difficult to choose the close-up shot.  So I’ll make you do the work give you several options:

Tree in Springtime
This tree with the pale pink blossoms was so pretty that
I made it my desktop background. 
The tree belongs to a neighbor, but the photo is all mine.  🙂

daffodil close-up
The daffodils that were in the right-hand side of the background
picture are nearing the end of their peak.

SuperDad is building SnakeMaster a spy platform
(our tree house compromise)

This is SuperDad’s platform that he is using to build
the spy platform.

Upon closer inspection…Which ladder would you want to stand on?   Does this look safe to you?
                                               Does this look stable to you?



12 responses to “WWC#30: Close-up and Background

  1. look at that yard, it’s what my yard wants to be when it grows up! Nice interpretation for the WWC! LOVE That beautiful tree!

  2. omg, what a pretty yard, when can I come over???? I’ll bring my cooler and wiffle ball set!

  3. Gary: We tend to be a croquet family, but we could manage a game of wiffle ball if you bring it. 🙂

  4. A spy platform! Too cool. Just make sure it’s not facing the neighbors house. 😉

  5. What a gorgeous tree, and the rest of the subjects aren’t too bad either!

  6. OMG those look so lovely, and springtime-ish! Makes me want to go outside and play. Well played!

  7. i’m a sucker for close-up flower shots.. i choose the daffodil 🙂

  8. I love to see pictures of daddies working with their sons! How fun will that “tree house” be!

    I came by for the WWC.

  9. I agree what a great yard! I love the tree, I don’t blame you for making it your background! Yeah, the ladders look really stable, I am not so sure about the surface they are on though 😉

  10. You wouldn’t get me up on that make-shift platform for all the money in the world… well, that’s a lie – but I would be scared out of my mind on that thing!

    Great pictures – love the tree!

  11. OH, nice background indeed – I can see why that one was an easy call! But, oh, your daffodil! It’s “birth” flower – March – and I have always loved them. As to the ladder. ummmm. No, it doesn’t ; ) I hope you were standing by with Bactine and Bandaids…

  12. OK, croquet is good, but I have to dress better.