Dress Code

Contrary to what others might say, THIS is not the dress code
for croquet, at least not in Kcinnova’s World…
even if it is Christmas Day!  

However, you are welcome to dress like this:

or this:

or even like this! 

We’re rather casual and laid-back. 
That\'s how we roll
Because that’s how we roll.

 So Gary can relax when he comes to visit and play wiffle ball and croquet!  🙂 

5 responses to “Dress Code

  1. I’d rather play croquet at your house than the last place I played. It was at a Junior League Event and I had to dress in all white. It is not good for those around me when my butt is in all white!

  2. whoa, tuxedo???
    Have I mentioned that I am in love with your yard?
    You can make a regulation wiffle ball field OR a whole bunch of croquet patches (?)

  3. Except for the tractor pic, all those outdoor pics truly were taken on Christmas day! The indoor pic is my own music man, dressed up for his Winter Concert. Isn’t he handsome?? 🙂

  4. talented too, I bet

  5. Yes, your son is SO handsome! So is the little guy too, just in cse you didn’t already know that….