Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

Earth Day Birthday

Happy 17th BirthdayHappy 17th birthday, Music Man!  I’m proud to be your mom. 🙂


WWC#31: Five and Wind

These are my happy toes 🙂
Last I checked, there were one, two, three, four, five….
Yep, 5 of ’em! 
I’m especially fond of this picture because I took it on a camping trip to the beach with my “sister from another mother.” 
Sadly, I moved away.  :*(     I sure do miss her. 

Happily, these five wonderful guys live with me and we all moved together. 
If I can’t have my SFAM, at least I do have my menfolk!   


I took this photo of SuperDad and our 2 oldest sons on a windy ferry ride on Puget Sound in Washington State, minutes before the staff made everyone leave the decks, because the wind and waves were doing this:

and this:

and much more impressive action that I didn’t manage to capture on film.

Weekly Words Challenge is brought to you by Tink of Hoop-happy and spiffy new haircut fame. 🙂