Humorous-Juniorous recently took a semester of Art.  This is the kid who prefers to read, or play video games, or design stages for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  So I was happy when the school automatically signed him up for Art, and I was even happier after I met the teacher!  She is creative and, well, everything I would expect a Middle School art teacher to be.  (Sadly, she no longer teaches summer courses, or I would have totally signed up!)

During the semester, small projects would come home.   A watercolor pencil still life.  An exercise in light and dark, or shadows.  But the BIG KAHUNA was nowhere to be seen. 
Last week, however, H-J brought a large bundle home from school.  I carefully unwrapped the layers upon layers of brown paper to discover…
Check out those chestnut strands of hair!

[hey, Gary!  Any tips on adding glaze to the face?  The rest was glazed, but he ran out of time on the face.]

2 responses to “Wizard

  1. face looks great, the whole thing looks great! I love it!!!!! what a good job on the robe!

  2. I love the art projects from middle school–every kid should have a chance to do this kind of thing.