Daily Archives: April 29, 2008

WWC#32: Water and One (and a food fight!)

This week’s challenge had me stumped for a while.  Yesterday, however, the fog lifted and before my eyes was the answer to my dilemma.  Oh, it’s not that WATER is such a difficult subject, but I’d been submitting water-oriented photographs for quite a few weeks now!  (Granted, this is my own fault.) 

Water, water everywhere…including on my minivan

{Does the Midas touch mean you can’t drink water?}

On Sunday afternoon, we were blessed with a few hours of let-up from the rain we so desperately need here.  God must have been smiling as ONE awesome mom granted her son’s birthday wish to have a food fight birthday party! 

ONE happy birthday boy (friend of Snake Master)

ONE line of eager boys

ONE plate of ammunition

ONE zombie  
[for some reason, I thought of you, Tink!

and ONE happy party guest, the infamous Snake Master (in a formerly black t-shirt)


For more information on the Weekly Words Challenge, click here. 
Tink has posted next week’s words:  THREE and FIRE.  C’mon back next Tuesday to see how I picture those words!  [of course, you are welcome to stop by before then…I might have something else to blog about!]