WWC#32: Water and One (and a food fight!)

This week’s challenge had me stumped for a while.  Yesterday, however, the fog lifted and before my eyes was the answer to my dilemma.  Oh, it’s not that WATER is such a difficult subject, but I’d been submitting water-oriented photographs for quite a few weeks now!  (Granted, this is my own fault.) 

Water, water everywhere…including on my minivan

{Does the Midas touch mean you can’t drink water?}

On Sunday afternoon, we were blessed with a few hours of let-up from the rain we so desperately need here.  God must have been smiling as ONE awesome mom granted her son’s birthday wish to have a food fight birthday party! 

ONE happy birthday boy (friend of Snake Master)

ONE line of eager boys

ONE plate of ammunition

ONE zombie  
[for some reason, I thought of you, Tink!

and ONE happy party guest, the infamous Snake Master (in a formerly black t-shirt)


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Tink has posted next week’s words:  THREE and FIRE.  C’mon back next Tuesday to see how I picture those words!  [of course, you are welcome to stop by before then…I might have something else to blog about!]


16 responses to “WWC#32: Water and One (and a food fight!)

  1. holy carp, what fun! with canned green beans no less!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A food fight! You’re awesome. All I ever got was a lame pinata.

  3. Tink, I was just the photographer. The awesome woman lives down the street with her birthday boy (the redhead). Plus she was smart enough to have a safety zone for those who didn’t want to get messy! SnakeMaster LOVED it!!

    Gary, they also had canned sliced peaches and french fries, along with the green beans and spaghetti-sauced noodles, and the gloppy oats mixed with water…when those were gone, out came the flour! It was a hilarious event. But I wonder what critters showed up that night to graze on the leavings?

  4. Okay, here is where I say thank Pete I have girls. What a great mom to host that party, even greater to you since your son got to be involved and you didn’t have to host it. Hee hee! I am sure the boys loved it!

  5. that looks like my kind of party, complete with food fight and zombies! yay! my wwc is up too, but i think you had more fun with yours

  6. And then you unleashed the dogs who got to lick all the boys to clean them off?

  7. They kept the dogs inside (one is blind, the other is an overwhelmingly exhuberant –and big!– puppy.
    It could have been messier, but at least one kid is very allergic to eggs. If you want to see a REALLY crazy birthday party food fight, the random generator pulled this link up for my post: http://childpartyvideo.wordpress.com/2007/01/06/birthday-party-food-fight/

  8. I’m SO going to have to remember this for when my little guy grows up!

    And I love that first water shot … the color is so beautiful and the individual drops are spectacular!

  9. Really like the first water shot and the party looks like it was great fun! Well played.

  10. Looks like a fun party! I wish I was there for the food fight!

  11. Zombie, snort, Tink came to mind too when I read that 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness! I love the outfits used for the food fight – with the glasses and the hats. Makes me want to participate myself… just so I’d have an excuse to wear that stuff 😉

    Great pictures! I too used up a lot of water pics prior to this challenge.

  13. Oh my gosh – what a fantastic mom you are!!! That is the coolest idea for a birthday party I’ve heard in a long time – beats the heck out of paint-balling! The picture of the kids in line with their protective shower caps and goggles cracked me up. You are the coolest mom EVER to your son today, I bet – and to his friends, too. They’ll be talking about this birthday party for a long time to come…

  14. next time: jello cubes, yeow!!!!

  15. farmer*swife

    An all out and allowed food fight? Fantastic! [Personally, I prefer not to wear food…but, I’m 35 and female…not a rambunctious kid and boys probably especially love the mess :)]

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. That’s a mom that’s got game!