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Sportsmanship: shining the light


shining the light
When I turn on my computer in the mornings, my homepage of msnbc.com pops up to give me the headlines that “someone” has decided is the most important news for me to know.  And what is often considered newsworthy by “someone” is not news I care to be reading at 5:30am.  But this morning, I had a pleasant surprise.  I clicked on this article about two rival softball teams, in a game that determined which team got to go on to the playoffs.   I sat here in awe of the compassion shown by these young women.  I was especially proud to call Washington my home state today, in light of the sportsmanship they exhibited.  

I know from friends and family back home that this has been big news there.  I didn’t realize that the national news had picked it up until I watched “Good Morning, Washington [DC]” before getting my youngest son ready for school.  I have learned since then that the “Today” show also had a piece on it (and probably several other newsy outlets).   
Remember the “Thousand Points of Light” program a few years back?  (I’m getting old, everything is just a few years back anymore!)  These young women are each a shining light in the sometimes dark world of competitive sports.

I do hope that the good folks in Ellensburg, WA –where the wind blows year round– give a heroes welcome to the Central Washington University women’s softball team.    A torchlight parade would be appropriate. 


Photo by Google Images