WWC#35: Earth 7 (no, it’s not a planet, a spaceship, or a bad movie…yet)

This week, I am an underachiever.  (Do you give awards for that, Tink?)
I’d like to blame it on the migraine I woke up with, but really?  I was more focused on the girls’ weekend (and the fact that my dad arrives for a visit tomorrow) than I was on this week’s Weekly Words Challenge. 

So here are my interpretations:
Perhaps one of the prettiest places on EARTH
Perhaps one of the prettiest places on EARTH

Choices of 7
Choices of 7
because I have spent the past several days either trying to read directions or trying to give directions.

16 responses to “WWC#35: Earth 7 (no, it’s not a planet, a spaceship, or a bad movie…yet)

  1. that is a pretty place, where is it?

  2. hee, i actually really like the 7 one! very clever 🙂

  3. I think your 7 is awesome.

  4. hmm, let’s do the math:
    girls weekend + ? =head ache? was there an excess of fun and good times?

  5. Your math is pretty good, Gary, but the weekend ended on Sunday evening, and yesterday was not a headache day (although it WAS a Monday). Perhaps it is just the return to normalcy that did it?

  6. I love the 7 highway signs! And where pray-tell is one of the Prettiest Place on Earth? It is a beautiful view.

  7. That is totally not underachieving! Great job.

  8. Shenandoah River Valley

  9. That is a very pretty view! Nothing wrong with your seven either!

  10. What are you talking about? Those are great uses of the words! And hey, at least you posted on time. Mine was waaaaay late. 🙂

  11. you were right, that was a cute beagle

  12. That is one pretty place.

  13. That is a gorgeous picture! Having lucky 7 as a highway is also cool.

  14. I know where that sign is! (or at least one just like it)

    Very nicely done with the words. As you know, it will be a while before I play again. 😦

  15. KC-I don’t think I have your email. Or I cannot find it HA HA HA! Or anything, what a mess I am.
    Plates? Seriously? What do you have in mind?
    Thanks, gr