WWC#36: Pure Regret

Regret is a simple and yet complicated thing. 

Some of the more simple forms of regret take place in our landscaping.
Whomever planted these bushes must have wanted them to grow into a large hedge.  They did.  It has been 30 years since our house was built, and we now have a barely-manageable hedge.  MusicMan used a step-ladder to reach as far into the center of the hedge as he could, to cut the top down to size.  He finally had to crawl into the hedge and pop up like a gray mole from underground, in order to finish the job.  This is because the only thing between the back side of the hedge and the cement steps to the basement is a rickety iron railing. 

And that’s just at the back of the house. 

 In the front of the house we bought last year was a very overgrown hedge.

No, I’m not talking about the rhododendron that’s nearly as tall as the house itself.  I’m talking about the hedge that lined the entire front porch…the hedge that only let folks pass through to the front door in single file.  

It was made up of 2 different kinds of evergreen bushes.  I believe that one type of bush was in the boxwood family; the other type of bush was sort of Christmas-tree style. 

Did I mention it was a VERY BIG HEDGE ?

In the heat of summer, my husband and 2 teenagers worked to take it down.  After days of sweaty, back-breaking work, only 2 bushes were removed.  It was at this point that we had the brainy idea of cutting the remaining bushes back.  WAY BACK.  
Poor bush, we regret your pruning

Poor bush, we regret your pruning.

close-up of pruned branchSuperDad did his best to describe proper pruning techniques, but sometimes teenagers take everything so literally!  When he said to cut away any straight branches, only leaving those that curved and twisted, he didn’t realize there was a very important straight branch right in the middle of you…
Thankfully, there are small signs of hopefulness in our pruning madness.  New growth is happening, and SuperDad is vindicated in ruthlessly ruining the hedge his plan for the bushes that line our front porch. 

However, I’ve only blathered on talked about the simple sorts of regret. 

Now for the heavy stuff…

posing with my dad last nightMy father left this morning; after a 5-day stop at our house, he is continuing his journey, visiting family around the United States.  I’m not sure how many miles he is logging, but he is driving a large loop around the “lower 48.”  His health hasn’t been stellar over the past few years and this was a trip he was VERY determined to make.  His children were concerned that he might not “make it” (frankly, we feared he’d end up dying part-way through) but we are VERY happy to be proved wrong.  I regret that it has been over 5 years since we last saw him.   {I also regret that I was wearing a t-shirt and an apron for this pic!}  Since my given name means pure, this photograph is where I will sum up my “Weekly Words Challenge” submission. 

To find out all the how-to’s of the WWC, go here.
The well-rested Tink, freshly back from vacation, is our fearless leader. 

16 responses to “WWC#36: Pure Regret

  1. Oh boy, what a pretty house!!!

  2. I have a black thumb anyway, so I never prune. I’m just glad if my plants GROW. *Snort* Great use of the words!

  3. Holy crap those are some serious bushes!!!

  4. I am so scared that is what my bushes are going to growing to. LOL. Horray for dad and making this trip. It probably gives him something to get up for everyday.

  5. Good for you for being up to the challenge–I’m stumped!

  6. Wow, that was more of a WALL than a hedge!

    And that was a great picture of you and your dad!

  7. this is one reason i’m happy to be renting: i am not responsible for any hedges, anywhere. yay!

    i bailed on wwc again this week 😦

  8. I dunno, I kinda liked it WITH the bushes and hedges, but it was probably quite dark and damp.

  9. Dark, damp, and slightly dangerous (in that someone could hide there and ambush anyone coming up to the front door). I’m fond of privacy and greenery, but not at the expense of my family’s safety. Plus it rather introduced clausterphobia.
    Now we can stand on the front porch and watch for the school bus.

  10. Too bad you can’t just transplant a bit of that lovely wall o’hedge to me. Just PART of it would be nice.
    Good for dad making his big trip.You know we all know your first name now, right? Oh or was that never a secret? Good for the WWC though wasn’t it?!

  11. Your house is so pretty – it looks like the ones I grew up around in the Midwest. I miss those houses – and their hedges, too – although I’m glad I don’t have to prune them! Your dad – I just want to hug him, his smile is so beautiful. You have the same smile! I had no idea your given name meant “pure” – that’s neat! I think it’s wonderful that your dad is making his big trip, and hope it’s not another 5 years before you see each other again!

  12. Wow, that is an awful lot of hedge! As for the safety factor, I agree, it needed to be trimmed that severely. Pretty house though and I love the way you tied it all up so neatly together. Great photo of you & your dad!

  13. those hedges look like a nightmare. great job getting it all tidy and trim. you have your dad’s smile 🙂 i finally got my wwc up, come on by

  14. farmer*swife

    Great post! Your house does look like a lovely place to reside. Glad you had the visit with your Dad. Mine now resides 12 hours away…with kids, school, and all the rest it is so hard to get there.

    I think the bright yellow shirt and the apron are a cute addition to your portrait with your DAD! Happy Thursday!

  15. “pop up like a gray mole” hahaha! That’s one happy hedge! Your Dad looks so young…the one in the apron, you said, right? I’m glad you got to see him.

  16. Yard work seems as if it should be simple, but it can certainly be complex. When I was a kid, I thought I had learned how to plant and nurture roses from my uncle. When I was an adult and began doing it on my own, it took me six years to achieve acceptable results.

    You never need my permission to link to or use anything on my blog. Thanks for asking.