Daily Archives: May 24, 2008

I’m just sayin’…

Over at Juggling Life, Jenn wrote a great post on May 24th about overheard conversations.  (She’s actually written several of them.) 

Folks do say the darndest things.  At times I even remember to collect those sayings that struck me as funny, or curious, or odd…  Whatever.

“My butt is draggin’ today.”   
(Yes, the sparks are flying!!)  

“Safer than swimming with piranha while wearing a baloney bathing suit.” 
(And you would know this…how?)

“This looks like the work of someone smoking some while watching ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ in the Pink Taco Restaurant.” (Jason Rose, president of Scottsdale-based Rose & Allyn Public Relations, referring to the new Starbucks logo)

“Humans have a greater vocal range than Mockingbirds.”  This would be my 15yo son’s idea of dinner table conversation.

“Yeah, I read that in Stephen Hawking’s book.”  Same 15yo son, different subject…at least I think so!   Yes, he has read  A Briefer History of Time.

What are some (rated G or PG) sayings that you have heard recently?