WWC#37: Penultimate and Entrance

Welcome to Weekly Words Challenge #37

This words for this week are PENULTIMATE (next to last) and ENTRANCE.   I formerly thought that penultimate meant not quite the ultimate, so this was a week for me to learn a new word! 

For your own word edification and photography challenge, check out the Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us each week by the pontificating Tink.  

I have been blessed with 4 sons:
Disneyland boys
By dictionary definition, son#3 is my penultimate son.  
He’s not sure he likes that moniker, but it’s my blog and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t constitute future therapy sessions.  


Here to make his official entrance is my penultimate son, Humorous-Juniorous.  He earned that name by nature of his sharp wit and uncanny resemblance to his father.  Some would call it a spittin’ image.  His quick mind and sense of humor blend together in such a way that he comes up with some real zingers.

H-J plays the flute and is a voracious reader. 
He also loves Nintendo. 

H-J May 2008, say \




Forget “Cheese” … just say Wii!! 





And you wonder why I call him Humorous-Juniorous?



Wondering why he is called Humorous-Juniorous??


This photo was admittedly taken more than 2 years ago, but it is such a cute picture of H-J that I wanted to add it to this post.  Because I’m his mom. 
UPDATE:  Moo commented that I didn’t have an entrance submission.  She is sort of right…and in deference to her, I give you this lovely door, which was an entrance to the girls’ weekend abode:
A beautiful door makes for an enticing ENTRANCE

20 responses to “WWC#37: Penultimate and Entrance

  1. “Humorous-Juniorous” hehehehehe I like it. It’s much better than my family nickname of “Fumble-Butt”. Nice photos of the family.

  2. Now you are going to have to do spreads on each of your sons to be fair. We will have to work on Tink to cooperate with the words. 🙂 Great photos.

  3. what a great smile too!

  4. He LOOKS like he has the most fun in your family!
    (not to nitpick, but where are the entrance photos? Just curious!)

  5. Moo: you’re right, I cheated a little… H-J is making his official ENTRANCE onto my blog. But I’ll fix that, just for you! 😉
    In a few minutes, you should be able to see a pretty ENTRANCE addition.
    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Aw, he should be honored to be your penultimate son! He got a nifty tribute post out of the deal, didn’t he? 😉

  7. HA! I really like the glasswork … beautiful!!

  8. NIcely done. 🙂 I used my daughter in a similar fashion.

  9. farmer*swife

    Deference? Pontificating? Penultimate? Geeze, lotta’ SAT words. [where’s my dictionary…] LOL! I gotta’ work on my vocab…it’s seepingly shrinking…

  10. he’s a cutie!

  11. Humorous-Juniorous got his own post, I would think that makes up for being tagged the penultimate, right? I foresee you having to find many future words that fit your other sons, for their own entries.

  12. Great take on the words today.

  13. haha, h-j is a way better name than i got in my family, which is “big galoot.” thanks, dad ;-P

    lovely intro to your penultimate son!

  14. You did good with hard words.

  15. Handsome boys you’ve got there. Four sons, that’s a lot of cooking Mama!

  16. awww, he’s a cutie. But actually they are all handsome young men. The entrance shot is COOL!

  17. wait, is this the one with the huge appetite?

  18. Gary: yep, that’s him. But only with pizza, lasagne, tacos, and sweets.

  19. you know I could demolish a lasagne too, and I am about to have lunch, leftover pizza!!!!!! but usually everyday for lunch I have a taco or burrito!
    (all of these are veg, of course)
    so yeah, the young man has good taste

  20. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful (and witty) son!