WWC#38: Heavy & Light

I know you just love the tan lines! 

The picture above?  THAT is why I consume things like THIS:



No one does HEAVY & LIGHT 
better than Sesame Street!

Here’s one from my childhood:

And another one from early parenthood:

Mid-day Update:

Tink has posted next weeks words:  DIRTY and PEEK-A-BOO
More info on the Weekly Words Challenge can be found here.

16 responses to “WWC#38: Heavy & Light

  1. you gonna paint your little toenails purple or pink for summer?

  2. Those look like Canadian tan lines! LOL

  3. oh my god i LOVE YOU for bringing sesame street into this. SO AWESOME!!

  4. Gary: they are currently painted opal, but I will probably go with a dark pink next.

    David: if Canadian tan lines mean I usually wear socks and sneakers –but occasionally sandals– then yes, that is what I’ve got. Lovely, I know. 😉

    Alice: glad to make your day! I just this morning FINALLY figured out how to put a video on my blog…it only took me 5 months to do it!

  5. LOVE the sesame videos! Glad I saw this at work and not at home … Grayson would go BONKERS over them!

  6. That is how I weigh my self too…cover the numbers! 😉 Great job!

  7. Gotta love Burt and Ernie. 🙂

    Nice job.

  8. I like those smoothies…yum!

  9. I love how you covered the numbers with your toes! Hehe. I refuse to own a scale. Life is just too short… and I am WAY too neurotic already.

  10. I was thinking that you were one brave soul to step on the scale with a camera–good strategy with the toes!

  11. Too funny! Cute toes ; )

  12. lets see bert and ernie do dirty and peek a boo next week!
    well played! you’re the first WWC this week to make me LOL 🙂

  13. Neat tan lines! Hey, that Light Smoothie stuff is really good. I can drink along with my Nutri-System program. Thanks for the Sesame Street vids; they don’t reflect my childhood but I watch it regularly with my sons.

  14. My husband always develops a wicked Teva Tan by the end of the summer…

  15. I was thinking I saw opal there. The little boy next door always painted his toenails when his mom did (I thought it pretty darn funny, but was respectful) and suddenly now that he is in first grade public school…..no pink toenails anymore.

  16. Anyone that uses sesame street is way awesome in my book! Great job!!!