Daily Archives: June 5, 2008

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

But wherever this place is, it is electricity deficient!  

It LOOKS familiar, but maybe that’s because the tornadoes didn’t pick up my neighborhood. 

A huge storm came rolling in yesterday and I’ve been without power now for more than 24 hours.  If it doesn’t come back on soon, then all the perishable groceries I had just purchased and put away in the fridge and freezer will be money down the drain.  Literally. 

In the meantime, it is HOT and HUMID. 
It’s tough to go cold-turkey away from my blogging buddies. 
And ummm…it’s hot, and my fridge is off limits, so how am I supposed to chill out with a cold beer? 

Just checking in here from the library (where the power is on, but they don’t seem to have A/C because I am about to melt!!) because I needed some driving directions.  My dear husband has been stuck at work while I’ve been stuck here, so I am driving the 2 hours in to pick up both him and one of his buddies and then one of them can drive the 2 hours back here out to the boonies.   A blessing in disguise….my minivan has AIR CONDITIONING!!  Whoo-Hoooo!!!