Update …aka, Welcome to my World

This is what the end of my driveway looked like yesterday:
the end of the driveway
When I took the garbage & recycling out at 7:20am, the equipment and men were all there getting ready to rip it up.   I mentioned that despite the fact that one bus had just picked up a child at the end of the driveway, 3 more buses would be doing the same within the next hour.   They seemed a little surprised to need to work around this detail! 
A guy from the town was there (same one who drove the front loader nice to meet you again) to check on things.  I got an earful on how it was “our” fault (the HOA, of which I have seen/heard nothing except for my annual fee payment) that we had to have this done, since “we” wouldn’t let the town have a bunch of land to put in a new water treatment facility on our property!  
     This was all decided before we moved here.  I’m not fighting it one way or the other; I just want my water to not be brown!!  Which it surely was yesterday afternoon.  Yuck.
I pointed out that we had no note on the door saying Please move your vehicle prior to 7 a.m. if you wish to use it tomorrow or don’t schedule any deliveries on such-and-such a day, etc.  Specifics like that are nice to have, y’know?  Luckily, I moved my car out to the street before the trench was dug (but after they had already cut through the asphalt).  

  • Upstairs (where the bedrooms are) a/c not working.  It was 100 degrees (plus humidity) up there at 7pm the other night.  Can you say Sauna ?  We’ve spent several nights sleeping in the basement.  Ceiling fans don’t work when the power is out.  Repair work scheduled for July 8th.  Yes, that is 4 weeks away.  No, I do not want to pay extra for emergency service. 
  • Older 3 boys are taking final exams.  I’m assisting with the planning of Friday’s end-of-year party for SnakeMaster’s class..not that I’ve had energy to do much with this.  Seeing as how tomorrow is Friday, time is running out!
  • Monday, H-J came home with a damaged flute; he stood it up on the floor and seemed surprised that it fell over and bent a rod.  Must be fixed before concert on Thursday evening (tonight) and preferably before class on Wednesday morning.  Repair shop is a 45 minute drive away.  Guess what I did Tuesday & Wednesday?  (Gotta say that our woodwind repairman, Ted, is awesome!)
  • Tuesday late afternoon/early evening: severe T-storm with driving winds, rain, and 1/2 inch hail, was MM’s bell choir rehearsal (skipped) …and band dinner/awards ceremony (late)…and of course, a power outage.   I spent half the night awake, worrying over fridge & freezer.
  • More thunderstorms are scheduled for this weekend.  I’m going to work on having a somewhat empty fridge, to lessen my stress, because I now expect the power to go out each time we have a storm!
  • I paid some obscene fee for MM’s yearbook…which he left in the band room and of course is now gone.   Meanwhile, SM is asking why he didn’t get a yearbook (most of his class ordered one).  Huh?!?  Yearbooks for 2nd graders?!? 

Attitude check:

  • This is our vacation destination later this month.   But just watching the video here made me cry…not for myself, but for this family and others.  How could I go there and enjoy myself now?

Now I will go practice gratefulness for the remainder of my day. 

3 responses to “Update …aka, Welcome to my World

  1. Oh my, I have no right to complain about a fridge delivery issue after reading this post.
    You must be ready to move to a hotel by now!

  2. This is rough. Having spent time at a Red Cross evacuation center during the wildfires after being told my house had burned down (it hadn’t), I understand how your equilibrium is just totally OFF. Keep your chin up.

  3. oh my goodness, what a challenging month!