WWC#40: Chaos & Mystery

Did Tink know today was the last day of school?  Because what other words would be this perfect for today’s Weekly Words ChallengeChaos and mystery describe this day, week, and possibly this summer!

workspace chaos
CHAOS…I’d like to blame it on the flooded basement floor last week, but… um… it has looked like this for the past year…

I wonder what is in the Father\'s Day gift?
MYSTERY …but only to the boys.  SuperDad guessed immediately what was in the package. 


BONUS PICS:  “volcano cookies” made for end-of-year luau party in SnakeMaster’s class last Friday:

9 responses to “WWC#40: Chaos & Mystery

  1. great minds totally DO think alike!!

    those cookies look delicious. what are they made from?

  2. Those cookies look yummy!


  3. Okay, I HAVE got to know what the cookies are made from. Because they look like these ones my hubby’s grandma used to make, and I’ve never seen anyone but family make anything close!
    My daughter took a picture of her sister’s messy room and I one of our hall closet. I am SO glad I’m not the only one showing off my mad housekeeping skills this week!

  4. Volcano cookies! That’s awesome! Did you make those up?

  5. LOL we have a similar mess.

    Those cookies look really good. How do you make them?

  6. Nice pictures. Especially the volcano cookies – how did you do that? And it’s still a mystery to me what was in the package – so I say it definitely counts, even if your husband knew immediately. Is it a calendar? No. You wouldn’t give him a calendar in June. Hmmm.

  7. Great photos, love the way the cookies look!

  8. those cookies look interesting! So what was in the package?

  9. Thanks for popping by and I am adding your url too for quickness 🙂 I intend to make WWC block maybe, but just haven’t yet.