mystery revealed

Inquiring minds wanted to know!

Inside this package…
I wonder what is in the Father\'s Day gift?

…was this book:

8 responses to “mystery revealed

  1. Waiting for your review.
    Get it read!

  2. farmer*swife

    I bet that book is a great read! Great WWC pics! We’ve been out on summer vacation for a couple of happy weeks now.

    I remember those mountain bar oatmeal thingies!!!

    Happy Tuesday! [I have some WWC pics. But, I’ll have to post them later as I’ve been advised by the five year old that “my computer time” is over. LOL!]

  3. that sounds so OMINOUS! like the VOTE OR DIE campaign of 2004 🙂

  4. (alright, video clips up for you now–gr)

  5. FINALLY! Whew … now I can sleep well tonight! =)

  6. farmer*swife

    OK Gal! My WWC is up, finally! Thanks for encouraging me to get back to it!

  7. This book changed my life-it’s all about time or money.

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