Battle of the Bulge

Pearls Before Swine
Yeah, it’s sorta like that. 

10 responses to “Battle of the Bulge

  1. Funny! I feel like that some days.

  2. Not McDonald’s, but perhaps Starbucks.

  3. For free: One cold that has made me drop 5 lbs in a week. I’ll be taking extra whipped cream on the strawberries this weekend!

  4. Sadly, I don’t lose weight with colds, so it’s off to the gym for me this morning.
    I’m sorry you’ve been sick!

  5. That’s me and Taco Hell. Oh how I love those mystery meat tacos. Yum… Btw, I created an MS Supporter Spork Award! Check out my blog this afternoon to get yours. 🙂

  6. I’m with Jen, but uh Jen, it’s called “Fourbucks” They don’t take or give stars anymore.
    Maybe it’s “Fivebucks” by now

  7. farmer*swife

    Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Funny Comic! Good luck at the gym! You should be proud of yourself! You GO GAL!

  8. An next week I will wear my tennis shoes and drive my the gym on my way to McDonalds!

  9. McDonald’s is an easy place for me to drive past; however, to get to my gym I have to walk past a Quiznos and a coffee place. This is after I have already driven past a really good Greek deli (gyros! spanakopita! baklava!). Life isn’t fair.