Daily Archives: June 20, 2008

Bird Brain

Hello.  My name is Cleopatra.

The Queen on her throne

Yes, I have the name of a queen!  My humans treat me well, and one of them has even provided a throne for me to sleep upon.

However, some birds have not been treating me like the queen I am.
The mockingbirds have been MOCKING me!  Oh, the shame of it!

My mistress says they are only protecting their babies in their nests, but it has really gotten out of hand paw!  I have been repeatedly dive-bombed and scolded, and I have done nothing wrong!!  Sometimes I even fear going out the front door. And today a chipmunk ran across the front porch. It is all too brazen and a tough pill to swallow.   (Actually, the last chipmunk I swallowed came right back up.  It was nasty!  My mistress thought so, too – she even tried to imitate me.) mockingbird

A very naughty mockingbird (above) and the  lovely Cleopatra (below)  

I\'m ignoring you...

There are some other naughty birds outside my house, but they do not dive-bomb at my head.   I have discovered a nest under the lid of the propane tank!

the propane tankview under the lidI can hear the birdies inside (my mistress saw 4 eggs in the nest) but I cannot get to them.

Can you see the speckled eggs?

This is frustrating to me, as I do enjoy playing with birds.  I think my humans are not very happy about the nest because it is on top of the propane usage meter, which is probably becoming coated with bird mess.   It smells bad interesting in there to me!

bluebird nest amongst the lavendarAnd finally, there are the bluebirds.  They moved into this lovely home earlier in the spring and started a family.  It drove me crazy to hear the chirping when I could not get up to the nest!   When the baby bird learned to fly, my master became very upset with me.  He was convinced that I would eat such a tasty snack and when he found small blue feathers in the grass, he blamed me for the demise of a bluebird.  Good grief!  There ARE other cats in the neighborhood.  But I’ll never tell whodunit.
Now, the mother & father birds are back being very busy in this birdhouse.  Perhaps they are getting ready to have another baby?  I will be watching this situation very carefully…