Daily Archives: June 22, 2008

The dangers of opening mail after midnight

I should be asleep, but I’m not. 
Do you recall what started off a series of unfortunate events a few weeks ago?  I am referring to my little accident, when I backed into the post at town hall.

Well, tonight I was having trouble sleeping, so I worked on a bit of kitchen clutter – loading dishes left in the sink, putting away clean dishes left in the drainer, and then I started to go through a stack of mail (Friday & Saturday deliveries).  I tossed the obvious junk and then moved on to less obvious items.  Hmmmm… what’s this?  Looks like junk mail but better check…
It is an itemized bill from the insurance company for the Town, for over $6,000Look again at those pictures.  Very, very little of that damage is from me.  A bit of split wood.  Much more damage is from age, lack of care, and someone else long ago.  They are charging me for a whole new roof, plus labor. 
Oh, and there are 3 separate occupants that share this roof.  My guess is that I am being asked to replace the entire thing. 

I am sick to my stomach and spitting mad.  It’s 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  I should be sleeping, because I have to concentrate tomorrow:  the handbells are playing at the 10am worship service and the singing group I am in is recording a few songs afterwards for a music CD that the church is working on.  So I really need to sleep!    I’m leaving on a 2-week vacation in 30 hours (for which I am not yet packed).  I don’t have a lawyer, and this is not the sort of thing you call your insurance agent about at one o’clock in the morning.   

The only thing I can even be glad about right now is the fact I went back and took photographs to document the damage.   I think the pictures may very well be useful in this case. 


Well, I feel a little calmer just writing this down.  I’ll go pray for peace and wisdom and get some sleep before morning.  Thanks for listening.