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WWC#41: Front and Back (summer haircuts)

Welcome to the Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us all by the wonderful & creative Tink.  It may be hard to tell from this post, but the words are FRONT and BACK

Tuesday of last week was the final day of the school year for my boys.  For years now, SuperDad & I have had an agreement with the boys; if they wish to, they can have a strange and weird haircut at the beginning of summer.  After all, it’s only hair, and it grows back by the beginning of September.  H-J\'s hair before the cutWell, H-J had been growing his hair longer this year than in previous years (no military style cuts for him!).  He struck a deal with SuperDad (I still don’t know why or how it came about) where SuperDad could give him any haircut SD felt like on the day after school got out. 

With 2 years to go until retirement, I’m thinking that SuperDad is tired of certain rules, because THIS was the sight on our deck last Wednesday evening…
H-J\'s summer haircut, front view
FRONT and BACK view of H-J’s summer cutback view of H-J\'s summer cutH-J is not so sure about this cut, but there isn’t much to do now but wait out the growing process. 

SnakeMaster had been told that he HAD to get a summer cut.  He spent some time hiding up in the climbing tree, but when he saw his brother’s new doo, SM decided he wanted a modified version. 
SnakeMaster\'s modified versionThis was not what I had in mind, but it is what he wanted.  Originally, I was just going for a nice military cut for him, just like EB here
MusicMan and EB watch H-J getting shorn
MusicMan also got his curls trimmed down into a boy man cut.

Oh, well.  It’s only hair, and it will grow back.  (MM’s curls will return in about a month.) 

My menfolk & I are off on vacation for a few weeks, seeing another part of the country and visiting my brother & his family.  Where??  Leave your guesses in the comments.  
My apologies – I probably won’t be able to access the internet and comment on all of your photos from this week (which I enjoy doing and will miss very much) …AND I’ll miss next week’s WWC  ::sob::  but I should be ready for WWC#43 upon my return.