6 months old today!

The addiction continues…

Yep, 6 months old.  Guess that means this blog is sitting up, drooling with abandon, and wondering how to get moving!

7 responses to “6 months old today!

  1. I missed that milestone for my own (in Swedish) – I’ll have to remember the 6 months for the one in English at the end of this month.
    As for contents and all that – you’re doing fine as far as I’m concerned!

    Oh, and that HELP! sign – I should have one by my desk….

  2. Congratulations…eating solid foods and all. Sometime I have wondered about my own blog…does it have a purpose in life, where is it going? Does it need goals, more direction? I keep finding that my blog just goes along getting tossed by the sea of life right along with me.

  3. you said, it, an ADDICTION

  4. I thought I was the baby of the group, but I’m at 7 months already. Congratulations. And, as ususal, ditto what Mary Alice said.

  5. Congrats! Age is not showing but the wisdom is.

  6. And you’re just as CUTE as can be! Happy 6 Month Blogiversary!

    Oh, and I’m totally in agreement with Mary Alice as well.

  7. (humming….”Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby, ’cause baby, look at you now!)
    Congratulations on the milestone – welcome home – and when the HECK are you going to tell us where you went???