Daily Archives: July 16, 2008

WWC#44: Sign and Graffiti (NOT)

A Day Late and a Dollar Short! 

As I drove by some great signs over the weekend, I kept thinking, I really should keep my camera in the car …but I don’t.   Then I was banned from the computer yesterday, OH THE PAIN OF IT!!!  ON A TUESDAY!! 
We live in the middle of nowhere, so graphiti graffiti is hard to find (let alone SPELL!!).  For the signs, I could give you repeats from the archives, but that would take time and my 2 hour time limit is ticking…

And frankly, my heart wasn’t in it.  I’m feeling so sad for Tink, who heads up the WWC.  She had a death in the family last week.

So PROPS to all of you who actually accomplished the WWC this week.  I’ll try to stop by and comment! 

I’m leaving disgustingly early tomorrow morning to catch a plane to Colorado.  My nephew is getting married, so SnakeMaster & I are going to represent our family.  We can’t all afford to go, and SuperDad has to work.  Next week will be VERY busy, but I’ll post again when I can!