regrettably forgetful

You know how you always forget something when you go on vacation?  Okay, maybe YOU don’t…but I do! 
So guess what I forgot to pack in my bag this past weekend?

No big deal, right?  Just a big get-together with 17 members of the extended family, my nephew’s wedding, the first time holding my grandniece (who is exceedingly adorable), and the joy of watching SnakeMaster play with his cousins.

*sigh*  I’ll just have to wait for others to share their pictures. 
We sure did have fun (except for the unexpectedly long layover in Chicago), but I’m glad to be home again.

10 responses to “regrettably forgetful

  1. That’s a biggie to forget all right. Glad you had fun.

  2. Darn. That is when you go buy a few disposables and do it old school. 🙂

  3. See, that’s when I would go out and buy a new camera and return it after the trip. Tink can’t NOT take pictures! 😉

  4. I always forget something…usually my swimming costume…
    …but the camera…that would ahve really upset me!

  5. Oh no, forgot the camera???? Maybe somebody else there got some nice pics?

  6. Man, and I thought it was bad enough when I forgot my undies once. I don’t think I could survive without a camera…I’d have to grit my teeth and get a new one.

  7. farmer*swife

    Awwww…poo for you. Be sure they send you pics on a disk so you can keep and reprint, etc. as you please!

  8. Bummer. I always forget something too.

  9. oh NO!!! that’s terrible! camera is always on my “check 400 times” list, but i do always forget SOMETHING. usually pajamas or toothpaste.

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