Daily Archives: July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

SnakeMaster on his 8th birthday last year

SnakeMaster on his 8th birthday last year

Today is SnakeMaster’s 9th birthday.  Unlike last year, he hasn’t had a black snake climb up the wall of our porch to wish him a happy birthday, but we ARE planning a wildlife Par-Tay for Friday evening. 
Here are some special things about SM:

  1. He is my “baby” – the youngest of 4 boys
  2. He is a little bit shy
  3. He is a great friend to others
  4. He LOVES animals
  5. Especially reptiles and snakes!!
  6. He likes to watch Animal Planet
  7. He says it is because he learns new information
  8. This is also why he chooses books about animals and nature
  9. His role models are Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin


Happy 9th Birthday, SnakeMaster! 🙂