Looking back at July

I finally figured out how to look at my stats (who’da-thunk-it?) and boy, are they WEIRD!!

July’s top searches (the ones that brought people to my blog)?  “Summer haircuts” and “horseshoe pits

H-J's summer haircut, front view

H-J's summer haircut, front view

back view of H-J's summer cut

back view of H-J's summer cut

SnakeMaster's modified version

SnakeMaster's modified version

When it comes to summer haircuts… Uh, folks?  Are you sure you want your kids to look like this???  In the varied wording of the searches altogether, there were 88 of ’em.   I wonder what SuperDad will think when I tell him that!?!


the INternet-FAMOUS horseshoe pit

the INternet-FAMOUS horseshoe pit

I  do admit that SuperDad did a good job on the horseshoe pits.  He is kind and doesn’t make fun of my unpredictable games.  For me, it’s a lot like bowling; I’m either having a terrific string of luck, or I’m the worst player ever — hot or cold, but never lukewarm. 

BTW, 2 of the hits were for “horshoe pit” so apparently you don’t have to be good at spelling to find my blog!  I’m now thinking, it could have been MUCH, MUCH worse!!


And the weirdest search, IMHO? 
crack computer” and “computer on crack”   
I have NO IDEA how that came up!!  
I do have some cartoons that crack me up, on a page of their own (look on sidebar, just above my flickr pics).  Good gravy, the things people search for! 

My Hh key is sticking something awful, so I’ve got to get that taken care of before it gets any worse.  I think someone dropped crumbs into the keyboard or something like that.   Update:  H-J’s popsicle drippings have been cleaned out of the keyboard.  He isn’t allowed back on until Tuesday. 

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the WWC for “high” and “low” — that ought to garner interesting searches!

Happy August everyone!  (Using peridot-colored wording, since that is the August birthstone — you’re welcome)

4 responses to “Looking back at July

  1. farmer*swife

    Holy Smack a-Mac-attack! I tried three times to open that blog, via your link, the blog name itself and just an extra try. I kept getting an error msg and my Internet Explorer won’t let me open it and closes it on me (mid read) and locks me out!

    Crap, Crack, Pain! LOL! Anyhow, I started to read the first paragraph and already found it funny (and all too knowing how Mac’s scare me, but I needed some stuff it does better than my PC and I can “also” run Windows on it with a “Parallel” program.)

    Bleep! I soooo wanted to read that!

    Oh, here I go asking for lessons from another bloggie. How did you find your search stats?

    Happy Friday and Happy First Friday on the First day of August!

  2. Do horsies still hav shoez on when u playz wiff dem? OK?

  3. well, that haircut got some attention, didn’t it?

  4. (wow, hadn’t heard of almond milk before!)