WWC#46: HIGH and low

I think I’ve got summer malaise.  I’m having trouble getting into the Weekly Words Challenge.  Trust me, Tink gives us good words to work with!  It’s just… I dunno.  Maybe it’s the heat, or the humidity, or the fact that it’s August and the kids are on the computer all the time.  I’m also feeling pretty homesick for my home state.  While SnakeMaster & I were blessed to see many extended family members at the wedding 2 weeks ago, I haven’t seen one of my closest friends in over a year now.  ::sniff::  And whenever SuperDad & I look at pictures of the West (particularly the PacNW) we sigh and mentally climb into those pictures.  SnakeMaster keeps asking when we are going camping again. 
Yep, definitely a bit of summer malaise going on, coupled with homesickness. 

So today, I give you my lame submission –from the archives, no less!– for HIGH and low: 
{Click on any picture for a full-screen view} 

Chandelier in the WA Capitol Rotunda

Chandelier in the WA Capitol Rotunda


This chandelier hangs HIGH in the Washington State Capitol Rotunda.  Isn’t it beautiful?

state seal

state seal

This is the WA state seal found down low on the Rotunda floor.  The floor is marble, the seal is done in gold leaf. 


The Space Needle

The Space Needle

This picture has both HIGH and low:  Look up HIGH to the “head” of the Needle and you see the famous rotating restaurant and observation deck.  Look low on the Needle and see the newer restaurant level.  (OK, not all that new anymore, but to me?  It’s new.)  And look really low, at the bottom of the pic, and you can see my 4 boys standing there looking bored. 

turtle on the path

turtle down low on the path

Even this picture is from the archives.  SuperDad and I saw this turtle when we were talking through a park.  He was well camoflauged!  
Yes, he is the same guy I put on my new header.  
As more proof of summer malaise, I tried to change things up a bit here and went for a new look.  I’m not sure I like it.  What do you think?  This one, the old one, or maybe something different?

11 responses to “WWC#46: HIGH and low

  1. LOVE MISTER TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent new look.
    Good shot of the Seattle thingy too.

  2. I think your photos are lovely… as ALWAYS. That chandelier one is really cool. My first thought was, how nice would it be to have one of those! Followed by, man, how would I clean it? 🙂

  3. Now that’s a chandelier! Wow!
    I likee the turtle. But really what’s not to like about a turtle?

  4. I like it–it looks better cropped for the header than the orig. Good vision on your part.

  5. was he alive or dead?

  6. Alive, of course!

  7. I think your pictures are lovely this week – especially the two in the Rotunda. And that’s a very nice shot of the Space Needle!
    This is what archives are FOR – to peruse and enjoy and pull great stuff out of that match Tink’s words!
    And, I think your new logo is very nice. Well done. GREAT turtle!

  8. Beautiful chandelier and the seal is a great shot. I like the new header, that is a very pretty turtle.

  9. Those are awesome! AWESOME!

  10. Great pic of the Space Needle!

    I understand your homesickness…it never gets any easier, does it?

  11. farmer*swife

    mee tooo. Been flaking out on WWC since summer began. It used to drive me. I’m starting to get ready for the kids to go back to school — though, they aren’t so thrilled this year, LOL!

    Happy Wednesday!