WWC#48: Bittersweet

This week’s words are BITTER and SWEET.

Bitter medicine

Bitter medicine


I suppose that no child enjoys taking medicine, but H-J especially hates it.  We’ve been known to have to hold him down, screaming in order to get what-the-doctor-ordered into his system.  It’s unpleasant (although I do confess that I have been known to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all). 
While the manufacturers try to make it sound good, that cherry flavoring (or grape, or orange, or bubble gum, or whatever) just can’t quite disguise the BITTER taste of the medicine. 




Now if they ever figure out how to disguise antibiotics in these SWEET morsels*
Cha-ching!  (I think someone should pay me for this idea)

*disclaimer to EB:  I did not open these.  I only took their picture!  The package is still intact and in your drawer.  love, Mom

SWEET!!  my kitchen wall

SWEET!! my kitchen wall


SWEET is my newly-painted kitchen walls.  Goodbye, ivy wallpaper! 

more sweetness

more sweetness


Also SWEET is my newly-painted dining room.  What was once pink is now a sage green (officially?  “Nantucket Gray”).





But sadly, I just realized that I was using the word SWEET just like this guy:



I am having a bittersweet afternoon.  SuperDad and the boys have gone rafting on the river, and I am left here to paint the trim in SnakeMaster’s room.  I am glad to be avoiding the heat outdoors and having some ALONE time (it has been a L-O-N-G summer).  On the other hand, rafting on the river on a hot August afternoon?  Am I crazy to be missing this? 

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18 responses to “WWC#48: Bittersweet

  1. All good ideas for bitter and sweet. I used sweet in the same context as Napoleon too.
    And I agree the new paint is SWEET! I love color and flag on the kitchen wall.

  2. You could always get pills instead and hide them in a glob of cheese… Or maybe that only works on animals. 😉

    I LOVE the raspberry color of your walls! Great choice.

  3. Sage green kitchen… lovely!

  4. oh i LOVE those kitchen walls! i yearn to have my own place JUST SO i can paint one room a deep red. one day…!!!

  5. Bitter medicine – excellent – I sure wish I had thought of that! And congratulations on your GORGEOUS new kitchen wall – I love the color, love the flag – it’s wonderful. Your dining room is also lovely. The color is beautiful. Also, LOVED your “disclaimer”
    As to the day you missed on the water – that’s what we call bittersweet – on the one hand you missed, well, a day on the water! On the other hand, you stayed home in nice, QUIET, air-conditioned comfort. It’s a toss-up…

  6. Sage green walls? Ooooh, our houses match!! 😉

    Your dining room matches/accessorizes your new dish addition from GR!!

    Hmmmmm, river rafting — are there rapids? Drink a little wine while you paint and it will go by quicker and you won’t be impaired by the paint smell — wine or Shiner Bock are preventative to paint headache [smiley-wink!]

    Happy Tuesday and Happy Painting!

  7. Great photos, love the new paint colours. If you don’t already buy the odor free stuff, and you use latex, pour a tablespoon or so of vanilla in it. (Use artificial) It kills the smell but doesn’t alter the colour at all.

  8. Nice walls, Excellent job again. I’ll say you are having a bittersweet day of it. 🙂 Enjoy.

  9. I love that color of red on your dinning room walls! It looks awesome.

    Great job saying the words!

  10. sweet red walls!!!


  12. Thanks, everyone!
    The kitchen walls are red; the dining room walls are sage. Confusing, I know. But I’m glad you like the colors. I LOVE the colors. And my dh is getting used to the red kitchen. The red makes me 🙂

    The sunset over the Pacific Ocean is a picture I took a couple of years ago. I wasn’t too happy with my recent blog layout change, so I changed it again.

  13. hey, love the new look!!!!

  14. LOVE!!! the new look as well!

    My kids used to be pretty good at the medicine. I think it’s the benefit of having a dr. mom. they get some extra hovering when they are sick!!

  15. Your walls look beautiful. At least your kid doesn’t dramatically throw the medicine up. I’ve got a couple of wusses in my house.

  16. AND the dining room looks good!

  17. Great shots and interpretations!!

  18. Love the new wall colors.