WWC#49: Sour and Salty

  I could not believe my eyes when I saw Tink‘s choice of words for this week!  It took me all of 2 seconds to come up with my plan, and I am willing to bet that a good number of y’all have the same idea.  With that in mind, I took these pics the following evening (Wednesday of last week) and am actually writing this on Thursday morning.  (Following me here?)  I am only sad I don’t have a light box. 

I’m also sad I don’t have one of Gary’s blueberry muffins, but that’s another story altogether. 




Salt is SALTY

Salt is SALTY


I had to include this one because I think I did a better job on showing the SALTY detail on the rim of the glass.  But I’m still missing the SOUR lime slice, so…


SOUR and SALTY goodness:  the perfect margarita 🙂
Margarita Cookbook by W. Park Kerr

Margarita Cookbook by W. Park Kerr


I’m told I make a really good margarita, whether on the rocks or by the pitcher in my VitaMix.  I credit W. Park Kerr for my recipes (or at least the inspiration for my recipes–I’ve been known to adapt a bit) and my awesome margarita glasses.  

If you’re ever in El Paso, you really must stop by the El Paso Chile Company.   Free samples of salsa and dips, and occasionally even a margarita! 

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10 responses to “WWC#49: Sour and Salty

  1. That drink? Keep it cold, I’m coming over….

  2. Niiiice! I’m coming right over.

    Btw: Great macro on the salt. 🙂

  3. MMMMM. Can you make me one with Vodka? (Me and ta-kill-ya’ don’t do so well. I get happy, mad, or pregnant. So, DH said no my ta-kill-ya’ for me, LOL!)

    The salty rim on that beautiful glass is awesome!

  4. oh man! this is SO much smarter than me! i was all “uuhhh… salt is salty.. and… lemons… are sour…?” THIS IS BRILLIANT. 🙂

  5. One of those margaritas looks good about now.

    Great job with the words!

  6. Now this would be a day when I say to myself “Self, why didn’t you think of that?” My hubby is known for his margaritas, the secret ingredient? A splash of orange juice.
    Well played salty and sour!

  7. Excellent showing. Those margaritas and limes look great. Have you tried Cabo Wabo tequila?

    I can help you with the lightbox install (probably).

  8. I like Margaritas but I like them made with Sauza Hornitos (100% Agave), and after that Cuervo just tastes awful to me! But they look lovely… The salt photo makes my mouth water. 🙂


  9. I love Lime Margarita’s! Well played!

  10. Hey Gal! No email for ya’ so wanted to say that if you go to Folger’s.com they’ll mail you a whole $1.00 coupon for their “Gourmet Selections” of coffee! squeeeeee!!!

    Drop down state for some Coffee and Scrapbookin’ anytime! Though, I often scrap in the evenings but then we could add some kalua! LOL!!!