Farewell to Summer

O fickle trees
that drop their leaves
on August 31st

I drove through a leaf-shower on my way to church this morning.  It seems (to me) to be a little early for leaf-showers, but perhaps this is just a result of dry weather in the past 6 weeks? 

Tomorrow is September 1st, so I will bring in the summer decorations from my front porch, leaving out sunflowers and adding apples.

3 responses to “Farewell to Summer

  1. My post bids goodbye to summer too–great brains think alike!

  2. 😦 Me loves summer. Luckily, where I live? It stays pretty warm for eight or nine out of twelve months….sweet! Sorry, you have to pull back the summer display though…

    Fall leaves are beautiful, though. Happy Labor Day Sunday!!!!!

  3. Summer.. come back!