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WWC #51: Safe and Danger

Hooray!!  It’s Tuesday! 

Around here, that means it’s time for the Weekly Words Challenge.

A couple years ago, our family rented a lakeside cabin in the mountains.  It was just for a weekend, and we had a wonderful time playing in the snow.   The timing was perfect:  SuperDad was home on R&R from Iraq, and there was enough snow where we were going that he had to stop and put chains on the minivan.  Had he not been with us, it would have been ME out there putting chains on the minivan.   I’d rather not.  I’m traditional that way. 🙂

So anyhooo, by the time we dragged all our stuff down the hill on toboggans, it was dark.  The “Kcinnova’s World Olympics” would have to wait until morning. 

 Saturday morning dawned cold and lovely.  After a hearty pancake breakfast, we began the toboggan event.    

 Early in the day, the toboggans stopped here  –>
in this snowdrift at the end of the driveway.

What started out as SAFE…

…soon became slick and fast.

But still fun.  Yes, still much fun.  🙂

The snowdrift where we were supposed to stop was breached…

…over and over…


Men being boys, and boys being boys, they thought it would be fun to all connect together and make a toboggan train. 

I’m pretty sure that getting a couple of them airborne is crossing over into the realm of DANGER.   

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.   You might just be able to see H-J flying through the air…right before he landed on his back. 


What?  You don’t see me in those pictures?  Well, here’s one where you can decide if I am SAFE or in DANGER:

Kcinnova on ice!

Kcinnova on ice!

We were walking on the frozen lake; there were folks out there ice fishing! 
It seemed perfectly safe… 
SnakeMaster running on the dock, SuperDad standing by

SnakeMaster running on the dock, SuperDad standing by

but the ice under and immediately next to the dock was thin
as I soon found out!
The words for next week are  MALE  and FEMALE

Want to join in the fun?  The Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us by fantabulous Tink:  Is she safely dangerous, or dangerously safe?!?  Only Hoop knows for sure!