A Derfy update (with photos!)

20 years ago, I went from a totally non-runner to a half-hearted jogger.  This was only because my husband really wanted his young bride to try his beloved sport.  For the record, I was terrible at it.  Oh, he tried to make it better by giving me pointers about how to hold my arms, point my feet — good tips, all. 
But I hated it. 

married for a year and managing the weight

married for a year and managing the weight





Still, I was in decent shape (that particular shape being still decently slender), as proved by this photo taken 19-1/2 years ago.



Fast forward to 14+ years ago:  I started running because I wanted to.  I ran 2 miles, 3 days per week; usually I did this with 2 toddlers in the jogging stroller!  Determined?  Who, me?? 
I ran a 5K (Seattle’s Firecracker 5000).
I ran what I thought to be a 10K (Tacoma’s Sound-to-Narrows) that I now realize was 12K. 
I ran in Spokane’s 12K Bloomsday Race, part of the annual Lilac Festival.  Way back in 1994, I ran every single step of Bloomsday.  I was still passing people near the finish line.  I was so proud of myself!  (Yes, I’m still glorying in that; why do you ask?)




Around that time, I looked like this.  Not skinny, but healthy and in-shape.  I could run, I could dance, I could keep up with my 2 little boys, and even carry them at the same time. 
I did a lot of that.




That was 15 years ago.  

Fast forward a few more years, and you get to this healthy specimen!

Otherwise known as the summer I could haul 100 pounds of kid with me on a bike ride

Otherwise known as the summer I could haul 100 pounds of kid with me on a bike ride

Dang, I’m proud of this!  I know my husband likes it, too, because I had to dig through his own photo album to find it!  I am so glad my neighbor took that photograph!  I’d like to look like that again. 

Emotional Eater, anyone? 

I tend to put on weight when we move.  As an Army familiy, moving happens every few years.  It’s probably a result of emotional eating — getting the family settled into a new place, not having friends– same old story.  Still, one year after that awesome-looking woman above?  While I’d slipped a bit, I could still hike with my family, and I didn’t look too bad:

hiking in New Mexico, summer 1998

hiking in New Mexico, summer 1998

Nevermind the fact that the scanner makes everything show up in mirror image!

It's not just about my butt

It's not just about my butt





What I do mind is that I now look like this…

Those vacation photos were pretty horrifying this year.




 I want to change.  I want to be different.  I want to be HEALTHY!!

I’m hoping that the inspiration of Mrs. G –and the motivation of the fellow Derfwads– will get me there.


7 responses to “A Derfy update (with photos!)

  1. I can so relate to this. I started gaining serious weight when we moved from NC to Wa-I think it was the two small kids, lonely mom, husband working like crazy syndrome.

    It is never too late to pull it back together-even if that means just moving more and feeling better.

    Go girl.

  2. jennatjugglinglife

    You and me both girl. I seem to gain 30 lbs. every time someone I love dies–which is all too often.

    I’m pretty much back on track so hopefully you and I and will both have very different photos next vacation.

  3. I usually don’t comment when someone writes a post about weighty matters (pun intended) since I haven’t walked in those shoes myself. However, there’s always a first time for everything and this is it.
    I think Mrs G’s initiative is brilliant! WW with weigh-ins can take a hike and so can some of all new-fangled diets – what better way to get in shape than doing it with friends from all over the world!
    I’ll join you in moving more (not easy to get inspired without a dog and in town) just to maintain my weight where it’s at right now.

  4. You should check out fairy flutters (her link is on my blog). She too used to be very active. She’s a mommy to two beautiful Little Gals. Anyhow, she has been so kicking it in the work out and nutritional dieting department.

    I never really had too much trouble with weight as I’ve always made the better food choices, as that is what I generally prefer. But, on the downside of the thirties? I’ve found my waistline growing and my buttocks totally melting into my thighs.

    AND? I used to always be on the treadmill three times a week and the blah, blah,blah…so — Fairy Flutters and You have me inspired to get back with it and get activated again!!!!

    You go GAL!!!!! And, great pics!!!!! Oh, and you birthed four boys….so, you get a little credit there too ya’ know!

  5. You’ll get there! For the record, I still think you’re cute – but nobody’s opinion counts but YOURS. What I DO know is that the more you stress about it, the harder it will be. It took some time to put that weight on – so give yourself some time to take it off. Meanwhile, we keep hearing that you don’t have to be all THAT thin to be HEALTHY. So, concentrate on getting healthier, and the rest will follow. Good luck – I’m in your corner cheering you on! I need to get with the program, too, btw – I lost a bunch of weight, then it got HOT and I stopped walking and BOOM – pounds piling back on! Luckily, it will be cooler soon…

  6. You can do this. You have been there before. You CAN and will reach your goals.

    I am so glad that you stopped by my blog. This sharing all of the personal, weighty stuff is nerve wracking and intimidating … I am glad to have sweet folks to share this experience with

    Good Luck!

  7. Oh, I hear ya…I eat when we move too. It’s horrible. I finally started Weight Watchers last year. I’ve lost a lot, but still need to lose more. All I can say is stay focused…and keep looking at that photo…it will spur you on 🙂