Daily Archives: September 12, 2008


Tradition has it that for my 100th post, I should write 100 things about me.  

This feels a little bit narcissic, but here goes…


1.  I was born in Northern Wisconsin.

2.   We moved 6 weeks later.

3.  My original hometown was so small that when we returned for a visit 15 years later, they still knew us.  They recognized me as that newborn baby. 

4.  But they also knew that they didn’t know my younger brother.  He was born when I was 2-1/2.

5.  By the time he could walk, he look nearly as big as me!

6.  He’s bigger than me today, too.

7.  I’m 5’10”

8.  I was a skinny baby.

9.  I haven’t been skinny in a very long time.

10.  I’ve fought weight gain since puberty.

11.  I’ve been mostly losing the battle since entering adulthood.

12.  Some of this may be genetic.

13.  I look a lot like my paternal grandmother.

14.  RIght down to the nose and eyebrows.  And the weight.

15.  I never really got to know her.

16.  My paternal grandparents lived far away.

17.  They didn’t have much money, so they only came to visit us once that I can remember.

18.  I was too young to remember the time we visited them.

19.  Grandma wrote me letters when I was in college. 

20.  She also crocheted me some slippers.

21.  I wore them at work!

22.  I worked in the infant room at a daycare center.  We weren’t allowed to wear shoes in that room.

23.  It was the perfect job for me. 

24.  I’ve always loved babies.

25.  That is something I have in common with my paternal grandparents. 

26.  My grandfather used to watch TV just so he could enjoy the commercials with babies.  He particularly enjoyed the Michelin Tire ads, with babies floating in clouds on Michelin tires.   I have to admit, it WAS a cute advertisement!

27.  My grandfather lived to see my older 3 kids in person.  I sent him letters every month, along with photographs.  While he never met my youngest son, he did watch him grow through pictures. 

28.  My grandmother died a few months before my wedding.  I like to think of her in heaven, fondly watching my babies grow.

29.  Both of my paternal grandparents went by their middle names.

30.  I spent many years wishing I could go by my middle name.

31.  This was long before I knew their real first names! 

32.  I still go by my first name.

33.  I used to wish I had a nickname.

34.  Some friends gave me one in middle school.

35.  My parents hated it. 

36.  They forbid me to use it. 

36.  I didn’t know why.  

37.  I found out it was the same as a cat they had owned! 

38.  The cat had turned nasty after she had kittens.  She decided that she hated my older brother, and she scratched him when he was a baby. 

39.  My older brother was 14 months old when I was born.

40.  We are actually this close in age on purpose! 

41.  No, my parents were not crazy.  But many people thought my brother & I were twins as we grew older.

42.  I have an older sister, too.

43.  She was 5 years old when I was born.

44.  She didn’t get a nickname, either.

45.  My friends from middle school still call me by that nickname.

46.  Because I kind of like it

47.  and I thought my parents were ridiculous to forbid me the nickname. 

48.  But those friends knew to never used it in front of my parents!

49.  Two of these “old” friends and I have reconnected, thanks to e-mail.

50.  We’ve started a yearly tradition of a springtime girls’ weekend. 

51.   I always thought that the friends you made in college would be friends you stayed close with for the rest of your life.

52.   I have lost touch with my college friends.

53.  This makes me sad, esp. about a choice few of them.

53.  I attended the University of Washington in Seattle.

54.  I couldn’t decide between a major in English and a major in Psychology.

55.  I eventually claimed both as my major.

56.  I wanted to teach high school. 

57.  This was probably influenced by a couple of stellar high school teachers that I had.

58.  The situation I observed in the mid- to late-80’s discouraged me.

59.  I saw rising ranks of undisciplined children who talked back to their teachers.  I saw parents siding with their children without hearing the teachers’ side of the story.

60.  I also saw teachers with their hands (figuratively) tied and administrators who did not back up their teachers. 

61.  Whether or not my vision was clear about all of this, I knew I could not teach a student who was throwing f-bombs at me.   Because I would want to wring his neck! 

62.  I’ve never liked swearing. 

63.  I think it is disrepectful of everyone around the swear-er (or is that swear-ee?).

64.  I’m sure if I worked at it, I could dig up some good psychological reasoning for this, attached to my past. 

65.  I don’t really want to do that.

66.  I do have some favorite swear words.

67.  I think “Cheez Whiz” is absolutely disgusting.  When I was a kid, it came in sausage-shaped packaging with the button-thingy in the middle. 

68.  It has always grossed me out.

69.  It’s my most descriptive swear-word.  When I say it, I actually visualize the product.  And I shudder. 

70.  I was very angry with my parents when I was in my early teens. 

71.  I swore a lot then, mostly to thin air.  

72.  I didn’t like the person I became when I talked that way.

73.  I’m not a goody-two-shoes. 

74.  I’ve always hated that term.

75.  I am a Christian.

76.  For me, this means I am a sinner who knows it — and who knows the Savior. 

77.  I am not perfect. 

78.  Jesus loves me anyway.

79.  Thankfully, so does my husband! 

80.  I am head-over-heels in love with that man.

81.  We met at a Christian camp. 

82.  We were both counselors.

83.  He taught a cross-country ski class, which I joined. 

84.  He tackled me and pushed me into a snowbank.

85.  A few days later, he kissed me goodbye.

86.  About 2 months later, we were engaged. 

87.  We didn’t have any money, so it was a few more months before I had an engagement ring.

88.  We’ve been married for over 20 years.

89.  He still makes my heart go pitter-patter when I look at him. 

90.  I’m not now –nor have I ever been– a girly-girl.

91.  My favorite color is blue

92.  I love being the mother of boys.

93.  I think parenting a daughter in today’s world is a scary thing.

94.  I pray for my future daughters-in-law (should I be so blessed to have them…and I DO hope I will).

95.  I look forward to being a grandmother.  But not quite yet. Maybe in 10-15 years. 

96.  I think my kids are wonderful people. 

97.  I am surprised at how quickly this list has spilled out of my fingers. 

98.  I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.

99.  I am blessed to be married to a man who supports my desire to be that SAHM. 

100.  I am living my dream.