WWC#52 : Male and Female

Today is simple and subtle. (Wait, are those MALE or FEMALE traits??)

Male & female

Male & female

I’m having a really busy week, but I’ll do my best to stop by in the next day or two to see and comment on yours.

Want to play? Tink is our very female leader and here is more info.


14 responses to “WWC#52 : Male and Female

  1. OH HO! Subtle indeed! G rated on the one hand, but dripping with possibility on the other…

  2. I almost took the exact same picture! Great minds think alike. That’s right, I’m claiming we have great minds. No, it’s not vain. It’s the TRUTH. Hehe.

  3. Tink, you must be referring to my husband’s great mind. I took a poll at the supper table on Saturday night, and this was the result. (Actually, he suggested a USB port and a plug-in.)

  4. Whoa, did your sons look embarrassed?

  5. jennatjugglinglife

    Very clever.

  6. short, sweet and to the point!

  7. I went with the same general idea this week. Great minds and all that jazz.

  8. Love the red wall – very indicative!

  9. that is a wonderful shot!

  10. Mine was short and sweet this week too, just been one of those weeks. Good show, I used the electrical thing too. 🙂

  11. GREAT PLAY! Short and easy and simplified!!!!

    [Oh, how do I find your email address for that “tip” you were going to give me? NO GARY, we won’t tell you, LOL!!!] 😀

  12. Brilliant! Especially since I did something similar. LOL 😉

  13. I have a switchplate, now that I think about it, of the statue of David by Michelangelo. Right in the MIDDLE is the hole where the light switch is. Up or down. Very artsy. Somewhat suggestive!