Daily Archives: September 19, 2008

Weekend plans

I took a few moments this cool fall morning to sit and sip coffee on my uber-awesome porch swing.  It may be the last chance I have to relax for a while.  Today is filled with final preparations for tomorrow’s big marching band “showcase” competition (parade and field show).  MusicMan is in the band, and I am tasked with running the concessions tent for 6 hours (plus set up and clean up).  I’m thanking God for the blessing of a wonderful co-chair; I’d be drowning without her!  And of course, we have volunteers coming in shifts.  I’m also thanking God for the weather, cool in the mornings and only mid-70’s midday.  PERFECT weather for marching and grilling!  I just wish I could watch all the bands compete. 

Tonight is the first home game, so it’s football and marching band tonight.  I love football…I love music played by enthusiastic teenagers…I love fall…I love wearing sweatshirts again!! 

My weekend wish for each of you:  take time to relax, and then get out there and enjoy life!  🙂

Personal Politics

Susie has brought it up…  Cheri has brought it up… Jenn has brought it up…  and so many others have brought this topic up as well. 

Chris Rice wrote, sang, and blogged it well:  “You don’t have to yell.

But I still don’t understand something:  Why is it that so many people think they have to out-shout others who disagree with their own personal point of view? 
Whatever happened to actually listening to someone else?
Why can’t debates be about real issues of real importance?
Why can’t debates be debates instead of opportunities to ‘zing’ each other? 
Don’t we really & truly want to know the answers?  Or even the questions?!?

And really, what happened to real interaction, a desire to truly understand one another, and choosing to find something we have in common and celebrating that?? 

Celebrating the things we hold in common –and reaching out to understand other points of vew–  is what I love about blogging.

With the big cities nearest to my own current and childhood hometowns included, I especially enjoy this video**  as a statement of my own political wishes:  Nationally and Internationally. 

Because I can dream, can’t I?

**Click through to You Tube and watch it in high quality.