Personal Politics

Susie has brought it up…  Cheri has brought it up… Jenn has brought it up…  and so many others have brought this topic up as well. 

Chris Rice wrote, sang, and blogged it well:  “You don’t have to yell.

But I still don’t understand something:  Why is it that so many people think they have to out-shout others who disagree with their own personal point of view? 
Whatever happened to actually listening to someone else?
Why can’t debates be about real issues of real importance?
Why can’t debates be debates instead of opportunities to ‘zing’ each other? 
Don’t we really & truly want to know the answers?  Or even the questions?!?

And really, what happened to real interaction, a desire to truly understand one another, and choosing to find something we have in common and celebrating that?? 

Celebrating the things we hold in common –and reaching out to understand other points of vew–  is what I love about blogging.

With the big cities nearest to my own current and childhood hometowns included, I especially enjoy this video**  as a statement of my own political wishes:  Nationally and Internationally. 

Because I can dream, can’t I?

**Click through to You Tube and watch it in high quality.

6 responses to “Personal Politics

  1. I can’t agree with you more. I’d like to think I am fairly politically tuned, but when it comes to ‘things I like to read’…like blogs…I tend to steer clear of politics. Frankly, I am tired of being told what I should think by people who I enjoy as bloggers. I’ve actually unsubscribed from some because they have nothing else to talk about right now.

    You are right – why can’t we look at the bigger picture? As citizens, as humans. Why can’t we lose the name-calling and act like grown-ups?

  2. I agree. Everyone lives in different areas and has different issues. Some the same or similar and some very differently. That is why we have two parties, plus the independents.

    So, sometimes rI ead others view on politics just to be informed and try to be open minded. But, I personally try not to push my own on everyone else. I have to vote for what is best for my family — as does everyone else.

    We are lucky that we have the right to vote!

    Anyhow, that’s why when I do have something? It’s basically just for fun and hopefully even minded. Like the Rooster and his bell, LOL!!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. You can’t really influence people in a blog is my belief. No matter how loud you scream, people resist change to their beliefs and ideologies.
    I believe that we CAN change, and I also believe that it is easy to do. But just having a belief shouted at one has the opposite effect.
    Cooperation and collaboration are what is needed to change this planet.
    Maybe one person at a time for a bit, then it will roll.
    Read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. If you get the opportunity.
    It changes the way we think/

  4. There seems to be a strong, entrenched, general resistance to thinking, in almost everyone I know. It’s not energy, not literally. (The brain dissipates 25 watts pretty much all the time.) Nor figuratively, it’s not laziness either. (Who doesn’t think about something, all the time?) I suspect the natural attitude is to rigorously avoid anything remotely resembling attempts to manipulate one’s thoughts. New, introduced thoughts mainly trigger regurgitation of old, familiar thoughts. The really disappointing thing, most of those ideas that have taken root seem borrowed anyway. So most brains seem to balance a foreign thought policy something like this: rarely accept, occasionally steal, once in a blue moon grow your own from scratch.

  5. I think people blog their political dissent because it’s the place they can air their opinions freely. You are given the option to read or not to read, you are not forced to listed to it. It’s just a way of venting frustrations at a time when so many are so disturbed by what they see from our leaders in Washington. As far as the low punches, and name calling, I think that as long as we have the freedom to express our opinions, some people, even if it’s going over the line, are going to go there. Tasteless, yes, but would you rather live in a country where that right is taken away from you to prevent the ones that take advantage and distort? Not me. I liked your post. I agree that we should always look for commonalities between party lines. I am quite liberal, and come from a very ultra conservative family. I often read uber conservative blogs just to try to understand that point of view. The country is polarized enough, it’s time for a healing to happen.

    Oh, and , Ahoy, matey! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  6. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    A very refreshing political post.